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Aim & Scope

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Caspian Journal of Internal Medicine (CJIM) is an international journal which works within the area of medical sciences and biology. It is designed for all doctors, researchers, and health workers regardless of their medical specialities. CIJM encourages submission of previously unpublished original clinical or experimental research articles of special relevance. As CJIM continues to grow, the main values of the art and science of medicine will continue to steer policy and practice to enhance health care by fostering professionalism as its mission-vision. All manuscripts must pass strict peer-review and only papers that are rated of top-notched scientific quality are accepted. This journal is commited to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Therefore, policy of this journal on plagiarism is very strict and authors are encouraged to avoid any practice of plagiarism.

Contributions may be of the following types:

Case reports
Clinical Trial Protocol

Papers reporting results of original fundamental research
Review articles from authorized persons
Short communications
Technical Innovations

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